An API-driven Insurance-as-a-Service platform built by developers for innovators.

The Insurpass platform gives you everything you need to offer digital insurance services to your customers - products, back-end components and insurance back-office modules all abstracted into a simple API Integration.

How Insurpass works

Partner's User Interface

All that is left is to display the customer journey in form of a user interface for the partner's users within the web or mobile app.

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Partner's Application

The insurance API also comes with an SDK for various plarforms like iOS, Android, or JavaScript to ensure a simple implementation of the API.

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Insurpass infrastructure

Insurpass is a REST API built on simple HTTP requests like POST, PUT, DELETE, GET and responses structured in JSON or XML. These requests and responses are generalized so the partner can build anything you’d like using them.

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Agile, Reliable and Omnichannel

Insurpass relies on a robust microservice-based architecture that supports


Flexible Product Design:

Insurpass allows your company to setup a quote-pay-bind flow to offer point-of-sale insurance services to your customers


Omni-channel Ready:

Insurpass integrates into any platform (mobile app, web, etc) via a RESTful API structured in JSON


Rapid Integration:

Rapidly design, run and start offering insurance products to your customers in no time.


Best Technical Support:

Our team of engineers are ever ready to provide real time support to your team during and post integration


Seamless Handover:

Use our API to complete a seamless handover of transaction details to Insurpass

Clean, concise & easy to use API documentation built with love for developers

We have made integration easy for you with simple API calls and clear documentation references, glossary and guides to enssure that you are up and running in no time

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Manage all your operations and integration activities with our robust merchant dashboard

The Insurpass merchant dashboard is an insurance administration and developer portal that you to manage your integration into the Insurpass API platform. It also gives you access to real-time policy and claims transaction reports, customers’ details, payment history, API Key, webhook and more.

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